Casement Windows vs. Double Hung Windows

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Casement Windows vs. Double Hung Windows

There are many eternal struggles in life: dogs vs. cats, boxers vs. briefs, pie vs. cake. One of the biggest struggles in the world of windows is between casement windows and double hung windows.

What are casement windows?


Casement windows open to the outside with the use of a crank handle. This makes them a good fit in areas such as over a kitchen sink, where it is hard to get leverage t lift a double hung. There is a hinge on the right or left side of the frame so the window swings out horizontally.


What are double hung windows?


Double hung windows are perhaps the most classic window on the market. They consist of two separate sashes which move independently on the same frame. Each sash can be swung open to the inside for easy cleaning as well. They are called “double hung” because of the two sashes that hang independently.


Advantages of casement windows:


-Large openings for greater ventilation

-Easy to open when over sinks or countertops

-No midrail means more visibility

-Lifetime warranty on mechanical parts


Disadvantages of casement windows:


-Crank mechanism can wear out over time

-Heavy window frames can bend and warp hinges

-Must clean from outside

-Can be hazardous to children walking in the range of its swing


Advantages of double hung windows:


-Top or bottom sash can be opened

-Easy to keep open

-Sashes swing inward for convenient cleaning

-More sturdy, longer life


Disadvantages of double hung windows:


-Midrail can block view outside

-Can be harder to open when over sinks and countertops

-Smaller opening for ventilation


If you’re curious what casement windows or double hung windows would cost for your home, give us a call at (470) 275-5159 or get a price online now.

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